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Today we are going to show you how we increased organic search traffic from 10,439 per month to 472,591 per month.


The brand was well established when they came to us, with a good offline reputation built on the quality of service they provide online.

The main challenge was getting a large volume of traffic from targeted keywords, most of which were highly competitive.

Solution (Full Details Below)

We created a comprehensive onsite audit before building the overall domain authority through our own link building strategies and traditional outreach to relevant blogs and sites.

The Results

Since implementing the strategies below, the site has seen traffic continuously grow month on month-

  • A 4,207% increase in search traffic from 10,439 to 472,591
  • 558 keywords in the top 3 & 1,501 top 10 keywords

Detailed Case Study - How We Did It

As a result of their heavy competition, the brand had very little visibility on the first two pages of Google for key traffic driving terms.

In the 7 months we have been working with the client, we have fixed a large number of on-site issues, drastically improved the domain authority and sent a significant amount of link equity to the site.

Campaign Goals

After a complete review of the site we put together a bespoke strategy for the site.

We outlined the core campaign goals of the strategy as follows-

  • Push core keywords into index. The brand was not ranking for broad terms which have hundreds of thousands of combined searches each month in the US.
  • Bring keywords on the first 5 pages to page 1. Specifically terms with 10,000+ monthly searches that were currently ranked in the top 5 pages.
  • Increase overall search visibility for longer tail, conversion focused keywords. Long tail terms with thousands of searches a month were hovering around the 3rd page. These represented good “quick win” opportunities.
  • Ensure correct on-site optimisation. The site had several crucial on-site weaknesses that needed to be resolved if the brand was to grow. One example was that the site had poor URL structure/content siloing & severely thin content which left them vulnerable to Google’s “Panda”.

Strategy & Implementation

The core strategy was to:

  1. Create a comprehensive audit to create an SEO friendly site with well optimised content that was relevant to target keywords.
  2. Build the overall domain authority using our own link building strategies as well as targeted outreach to relevant established blogs and sites.
  3. Build the authority of key internal pages through the use of targeted links, pointing directly to internal landing page URLs.

On-site Optimisation

The first thing we started with was on site optimisation to ensure we create a solid foundation to build rankings and traffic on.

These are the key areas we worked on-

Page Structure & Content

During the auditing process we wanted to make sure that the site would rank for as many relevant long-tailed keywords as possible. An important foundation for this was to restructure pages and content.

Prior to commencing our work, title tags across the site were not optimised and were often too long/duplicated.

It was obvious that no keyword research was executed before the content structure was set on the site so we set about redesigning that structure based on keyword relevance which led to a number of content improvements across the site.

Keyword Relevance

We overhauled the title tags along with other key onsite elements on every page of the site in order to reinforce each page’s specific keyword relevance.

Meta descriptions were often too short or non-existent so we went about creating those for every page to increase keyword relevance.

When rewriting the title tag and meta description we applied a small amount of SEO copywriting wizadry to ensure that the pages would command the highest click through rate from Google's search results as possible.

Technical Issues

We were also battling with a number of technical issues from broken internal links, broken external links, images not working and a host of other onsite problems.

We took care of all of the necessary technical fixes to ensure the site was providing the best user experience possible while removing any SEO performance bottlenecks at the same time.

Link Building

The big elephant in the room when we started working together was how underdeveloped their link profile was.

It was obvious that we needed to focus on link building as a priority if we were to get anywhere with their rankings for all the things they’re relevant for.

But we had balance the aggresive goals of the client with the velocity of links we built and the anchor text distribution strategy we used.

We acquired a consistent number of backlinks each month with a highly controlled anchor text distribution, including naked URL, branded & generic anchor text.

As a consistent and strong foundation of links developed, we began to target the key category pages sparingly using exact match anchor text to rapidly push these pages through the SERPs.

You can see how the number of referring domains increased over time below-

Ahrefs Referring Domains

We focused the entire link building campaign to help build niche relevancy while making sure the link profile remained as natural looking as possible.

The Results

The proof is always in the pudding and we began to see immediate results after implementing the strategy above.

Organic Traffic Improvements

With the recommendations from the audit implemented in early July coupled with backlinks being pointed at the key internal pages, traffic continuously grew month-on-month.

By February, organic traffic was up 4,427.17% compared to June the previous year, with 472,591 visits in January compared to June’s 10,439.

Similarly, the number of new users had increased by over 4,207%, with 405,466 new visits in January compared to 9,414 in June-

Google Analytics

Overall Keyword Improvements

Between June and March the follow year, the number of keywords ranking at the top 20 positions in increased significantly:

  • Keywords in the top 3 places increased from 33 to 558 - an increase of 1590%
  • Keywords in the top 10 places increased from 85 to 1,501 - an increase of 1666%
  • Keywords in the top 20 places increased from 182 to 2,429 - an increase of 1235%

Take a look at this screenshot from SEMRush that breaks down the keyword distribution-


Tracked Target Keyword Improvements

Across only 9 core keywords that we track in-house, there was an overall increase of 874 positions-

A number of high volume keywords entered the first page, and a number of highly competitive terms entered the index and continue to rapidly ascend the SERPs

These are the current rankings of the core keywords that we are tracking-


Take The Hard Work Out Of SEO

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